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We’ve cracked the code on digital marketing for estate planning, trust admin, elder law, financial & tax planning. And we have proof.

Most law firms that focus on estate planning and related financial services aren’t getting the best results for their advertising dollars. They hire marketing agencies that don’t understand the nuances of these highly specific fields and create cookie-cutter campaigns.

Often, these agencies offer little insight into what’s really going on with their campaigns, so firms spend money without really knowing the ROI.

Even worse, marketing agencies inflate their numbers and results by buying generic lists or relying solely on Google’s demographic targeting tools, instead of integrating those tools with a strategy that targets the right kind of client. So, even when the ads bring results, the practice gets flooded with unqualified, confused, or downright useless leads.

We have a specialized practice in digital marketing for Estate Planning and related service firms or departments. We have the proven methods, search & ad strategies, real-time dashboards—and the deep understanding of the field that not only brings more leads, but helps educate, sort, and inform people that click on your ads, so that you get more qualified leads.

Importantly, to avoid conflicts of interest, we offer exclusive support in your region of operation—few other agencies make that commitment.

If you hire us, and stick with our campaigns long enough to show results, we know we can improve on whatever digital marketing campaigns you have going on right now.

Contact us now for a no-obligation initial audit so we can make a recommendation for your digital marketing. You can see some case studies here.

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Sample Digital Marketing Dashboard
We provide real-time client dashboards where digital marketing can be monitored continuously by clients. See our case studies.


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We address the special issues in marketing estate planning and related professional services.

Law firms that focus on services related to estate planning face unique challenges in marketing. We deeply understand those challenges, and our team can help you achieve new levels of success.

You know the issues: Everyone needs an estate plan, but not everyone even knows what the term means--or why they need more than a mere will. People who do have complete estate and financial plans don’t realize they should be updated regularly. To compound the problem, the estate field is saturated with cheap, “quick and dirty” cookie-cutter options, and the critical benefits of specialized professionals aren’t always clear to a layperson. Unrealistic cost expectations can be the result–making finding qualified leads for a practice difficult.

A good professional service firm needs a marketing team that can thread the needle between educating potential clients and making a strong call to action. You also have to position your firm to find and attract clients who appreciate the need for specialized experience in creating their plans. Just as importantly, you need to distinguish yourself from the pack: what makes your firm different?!

Challenges of estate planning law firm marketing

Our team maximizes data-driven results for estate planning+

Our Law Firm Marketing Group has years of specific, hands-on experience in the marketing of estate planning, trust administration, tax planning services, special needs legal planning and more–helping people find their unique story, refining it, and leveraging every tactic in the marketplace to bring in more work from clients new and old. We offer a robust strategic team coupled with a network of industry leaders in digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media management, website development & maintenance, content creation, and consumer analytics. Leading-edge tech and tools get your firm in front of the right audience effectively and affordably.

 Our team helps you:

  • Identify your target audiences, segment them properly, understand their expectations, and analyze how they choose firms like yours.
  • Position your distinct service offerings and effectively communicate your expertise to your target audiences.
  • Build relationships with potential clients before they even contact you.
  • Increase visibility through organic search and a crafted online presence.
  • Leverage your firm’s unique strengths and tell your team’s story.
  • Identify and implement branding opportunities and improvements to drive client engagement.
  • Work with your frontline phone and salespeople to develop call scripts that sort leads and close sales.
  • Track everything with meaningful metrics and optimize campaigns over time.

In short: decisions are data-driven, results are monitored, and marketing ROI is maximized.

Lawyer with qualified leads

We offer an integrated toolbox designed for you.

Many teams struggle with scattershot marketing efforts. They may be spending their marketing budgets to be included in massive online legal and other directories that yield poor returns. They may be outsourcing their web work to one firm, their digital marketing to another, their SEO to a third, and so on–without the benefit of an overall strategic plan or serious content planning.

We firmly believe that coordination is the key to success. Every aspect of our marketing strategy is interconnected and designed to work together seamlessly, ensuring that your branding, content creation, digital marketing, social media management, and analytics all contribute to creating a powerful and memorable impression on potential clients.

We offer a fully integrated services toolbox designed to address the marketing needs of your professional service–whether you are a solo practice, a mid-size firm, or the specialized department of a larger firm. With our expert guidance and support, you can create a powerful and cohesive marketing strategy that delivers results and drives business growth.

Integrated Marketing Toolbox

We craft your story, using your voice.

As an expert in your field, you know the importance of helping craft the most critical chapters of your clients’ life stories. We’ll help you craft yours. Our process often begins with intensive strategic branding. What is the perception clients have when they think of your team? What impression should they be left with when they visit your website, see your ads, read your testimonials, step into your office, or consult with your team?

White-glove service? Inexpensive, but caring? Heroic? Different branding appeals to different audiences.

Our specialized brand visioning incorporates your firm’s narrative into every stage of the client journey – from the initial discovery to the completion of services and beyond.

How can your unique story be honed and reinforced, or entirely reimagined in the marketplace, from actual client experiences to referrals, visuals, advertising, social media, organic search, and digital marketing?

We provide research with real, actionable results.

If needed, a specialized team can provide strategic research and analysis to uncover client insights—targeted, rapid, and actionable. This group extracts the underlying story to inform the decisions that drive your unique practice’s growth, client experiences, and brand differentiation—to encourage repeat engagements and referrals. Our insights team utilizes qualitative and quantitative methods, focus group moderation, broad-spectrum analysis, and more to support leading estate planning+ firms. Clear information objectives make for good data, and good data makes for informed choices!

Here for you now. 

Screenfire Media has a proven track record of success in working with estate planning, special needs legal planning, trust admin, elder law, financial and tax planning. We help firms increase their online visibility, attract new clients, and grow their businesses through our innovative marketing solutions.  

Our commitment to storytelling and imaginative marketing strategies ensures that your message resonates, driving leads and building lasting client relationships.

Let us help you take your marketing to the next level. Contact Screenfire Media today to learn more about our comprehensive marketing services tailored specifically for estate planning and related services.