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Case Study: How we skyrocketed qualified leads for an estate planning law firm.

This law firm had expertise in estate planning, trust administration, high-net-worth tax planning, and probate.

Problem: The law firm was struggling with unqualified queries due to poor audience targeting. They were seeking to enhance both the quality and volume of leads without increasing their media spend.

Our strategy was determined through careful data analysis: Use digital marketing, especially SEM (Search engine marketing) with a fine-tuned targeting strategy. Through Google Ads both Display ads and PPC (Pay-Per-Click), we planned to increase the number of truly qualified leads coming in over time. (Note that PPC ads are the results you see from a Google Search that are marked “Sponsored.” You can read more information about our Digital Marketing services here.)


  • Campaigns got revamped with better segmentation based on our audience blueprint. With specialized knowledge of Estate Planning and related matters, we redesigned the segmentation of campaigns in tandem with the law firm’s experts to clarify and correct their targeting.
  • We narrowed down the target audience to show ads only to users who were more likely to become clients, with language designed to appeal directly to their needs. We conducted research and discussion on how to best target high net worth families in state who might be interested in the firm’s services, and designed ad campaigns to target those audiences specifically.
  • New high intent keywords and comprehensive negative keyword lists were developed and applied to the ad campaigns specifically for these topics, and then optimized on a weekly basis to continually improve and fine-tune our strategy.
  • New relevant audiences based on website traffic data got added to the mix, improving and expanding the opportunities to draw in leads.

Results: Our results were impressive. Here is a year-over-year comparison of the most important stats, as well as an explanation of them:

Impressions grew by +694.44%: This is the number of times that ads are viewed. A very important metric, not just for generating conversions, but also shows how much Google’s algorithm starts to trust the ads. Impressions are critical for building up your brand and generating trust and claiming market share.

Clicks increased by +149.80%: Clicking on an ad is the important step that you pay Google for. After clicking on your ad, users are directed to your website, where a great page design and smart forms make all the difference.

Boosted conversions by +48.99%: The ultimate goal of this effort, increasing conversions means more potential clients filled out forms and requested consultation. Even better, through our tracking process and consultation with the sales team at the law firm, we learned that our improved targeting, content, and segmentation of audiences achieved far greater levels of client understanding and interest, and therefore quality of leads.

Cost was controlled thanks to audience-narrowing across the digital spend.

All of these great results are tracked and shown through live-updating client dashboards like the sample one shown above.

Metric Analysis
With our strategic approach, we were able to show massive improvements in digital marketing results over time, without an increase in budget. Read the text to the left for an explanation of these metrics!

Sample Digital Marketing Dashboard
We provide real-time client dashboards where digital marketing can be monitored continuously by clients.

Estate planning boosts families. Our work boosts estate planning firms!

Case Study: Microsoft solution partners
co-marketing content & coordination

Problem: Microsoft needed global solution verification and joint-marketing catalogs with tens of thousands of Windows solution partners.

Approach: Screenfire principal Marc Zasada launched over 30 partner-marketing initiatives on behalf of Microsoft through Lionbridge Technologies which included both technical and content elements in multiple languages, delivered from centers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Results: The result was consistent messaging to Windows customers, including Office, Windows Server, Azure, Surface and other Microsoft brands. This helped create steady brand confidence in Microsoft partner products worldwide.

Many were overseas products coming to the U.S. for the first time.

Case Study: Dell/EMC solution partners
co-marketing content & coordination

Problem: Dell/EMC wished to expand its market share through solution partners for its enterprise-level Documentum Solution.

Approach: Screenfire Media principal Marc Zasada oversaw all the joint-marketing content for the Dell/EMC partner program through Lionbridge Technologies, localizing or transcreating Solution briefs focused on the US Market and promoting joint solutions to end-user companies.

Results: The result was a vibrant community of solution partners with high ROI within the EMC  ecosystem. At right you’ll find a little video Screenfire Media created to promote the life sciences solutions.

Case Study: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation
Non-profit awareness & messaging study

Problem: In the USA, awareness and understanding of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is extremely low, resulting in low survival rates (10%) for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. This confusion extends to “when and how” to perform CPR and apply an AED—both crucial to reverse sudden cardiac death.

Approach: National research was performed to quantify the problem and define motivating messages to drive bystander action. Findings revealed significant public confusion on what SCA is, how it presents, and the need for immediate bystander CPR prior to EMS arrival. Two key messages were found most motivating on emotional and rational levels.

Results: A lay-friendly definition of SCA proved effective in improving understanding and action. This research has been presented at multiple scientific conferences, and an abstract has been published in AHA Circulation. This work led to the creation of the Call-Push-Shock national movement now with 50+ partners across the US.

Case Study: mid-size law firm in CA with estate planning focus lacked search traction despite content effort.

Problem: This client’s website had some great content, but it was scattered and disorganized among many blogs and articles with poor coordination and SEO. 

Approach: Our solution was to fully reorganize the content, consolidating multiple blog posts into strong articles with authoritative content–appealing to Google’s revised algorithms. Working closely with SEO experts, Screenfire set up a monthly cycle of high-level new content with our expert legal writing team, all organized through a strategic branding project that spoke to the firm’s unique selling proposition. 

Results: The results were impressive. After just one year, 8 target landing pages moved from far down in Google results to receive top spots in California Google searches, and organic-search website traffic increased over 800%. The sales team not only reported a massive increase in queries, but far more well-informed clients ready to book appointments.

Case Study: A law firm wasn’t getting enough qualified leads on clients or insight into its own ad campaigns. 

Problem: A law firm on the west coast was getting plenty of leads, but few were at the right demographic level or qualified to move forward with actual work.

Approach: Screenfire worked closely with the firm to 1) Rebrand for a more upscale demographic, 2 Help identify high-revenue areas to target, 3) Refocus digital marketing on high-income zip codes, 4) Recraft ads with visuals and phrasing to attract a more qualified target clientele, 5) Launch new contact forms that better sorted queries to reduce staff time on low-value leads, 6) Coordinate links with the firm’s YouTube channel to make sure that educated clients found their way to actual conversions.  As part of this effort we designed, delivered, and maintained real-time client dashboards showing their up-to-date campaign statistics available 24/7–no more guessing about the ROI of advertising dollars! Over time and optimization of their campaigns, we kept improving the return on their advertising budget spend with weekly optimizations.

Results: The law firm’s tracked conversions from advertising increased by more than 300% over one year, and sales reported that the quality of leads had increased by a similar degree.

Case Study: An estate planning firm wanted to expand offering to attract tax & financial planning, plus real estate clients. 

Problem: This estate planning firm actually had significant tax, finance, and real estate expertise among its team of lawyers, but the branding had not expanded. All the marketing still focused on “living trusts” and “trust administration.” These remained key areas for the firm, of course, but how could the additional expertise of the team be tapped?

Approach: Through a brief brand visioning process, Screenfire updated and refreshed the firm’s brand to expand their focus. We recrafted the logo, redid key website pages, crafted social media, pay-per-click, and display advertising,and created YouTube ads to shine a light on their unique value proposition and experience. We launched and managed these new digital advertising campaigns, continuing to optimize and monitor them over time with clear data available to the law firm leadership. 

Results: Not only did the firm begin to attract more business owners, real estate players, and a wealthier clientele, but the tax planning and real estate practices became a key part of their identity. Indeed, within two years of the rebranding effort, the firm was able to launch a “family office” practice for high net worth clients. As a side benefit, these practice areas greatly expanded the reach of their search rankings on Google and improved the overall estate planning base.