Your look, your platforms, your values.

Branding starts from where you are. Then we develop your unique narrative, the universe into which you invite your customer: strategically designed to engage their interest and remain in their memory.

We co-develop your brand story and tell it boldly.

Our branding experts have worked with an incredibly diverse set of clients, for industries large and small–in entertainment, hospitality, high tech, law, gaming, and more. We are strategic in our thinking, ever seeking to expand and improve the experience of interacting with your brand.

What is “brand” exactly?

Put simply, brand is the feeling a customer gets when they see the name of your company or your logo. It’s the story that plays in their mind when they interact with your brand in any way. 

Seeing the name “Apple” or “Disney” or “Ritz Carlton” immediately sparks a feeling in a customer. That feeling is fundamental to the continued growth and survival of these companies.

That’s why storytelling is key.

Brand is more than identity. It establishes a promise for a certain customer experience, an experience differentiated from competitors in the same space. Done right, branding creates a genuine emotional connection with a customer.

Establishing your company as a brand, not just a collection of products or services, is essential to your continued growth and survival in a highly competitive market. 

Establishing and maintaining a brand is also a daily team effort. It requires everyone’s cooperation and dedication.

Our job is to help define your brand in the mind of the customer, along with your simple, direct “brand story,” and all the market messaging that will maintain your brand–from brand words, brand phrases, brand imagery, brand colors, brand logo, and much more.

Let’s talk about brand consistency.

The world is full of noise. In order to establish a brand in the marketplace, a simple consistent message, a simple consistent story, and a simple consistent feel must be projected at every single touchpoint with the customer: over and over, without random innovations or variations. Otherwise, the branding and brand story will dissolve into mere noise.

Companies like Apple, Disney, and Ritz Carlton spend billions to maintain brand consistency: style, feeling, look, and messaging. They maintain tight marketing and customer touch-point discipline. Without this effort, their brands would lose their meaning and appeal.

They understand that anything off-brand harms the brand either by changing the customer “feeling” or by diluting it.

Along with helping establish and refine brand, Screenfire Media seeks long-term relationships with companies to help maintain consistency while carefully evolving the brand story over many years.  


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