We are search engine marketing specialists.

We create, place, and maintain highly effective PPC (Pay-Per-Click) sponsored search engine ads, social media ads, YouTube ads, as well as display and remarketing ads across the internet as part of our digital marketing services.

At Screenfire Media, we’re your digital warriors, fighting for views and clicks across the web.

We offer an expert team dedicated to your success.

Over years of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), our backend PPC team of 110+ PPC marketing specialists has managed 8000+ advertiser accounts and 100M+ in media spend on Microsoft, Facebook, and Google platforms. Our experience, know-how, and continuous learning give our delivery team the ability to tackle any obstacles and meet your business goals.

What is PPC advertising?

When you do a Google search, you see both “organic search results” and advertisements. The ads appear at both the tops and bottoms of pages. They look like organic search results–and they get a huge percentage of click traffic. These ads are placed through ongoing, daily auctions of “adwords” in which advertisers “pay per click” (PPC), and are charged by Google (or Bing, etc) every time someone clicks on an ad.

Among the many advantages of Pay-Per-Click advertising, the clicks can be tracked and measured for ROI, with specific goals and KPIs set. People who click on ads can also later be tracked and targeted for “remarketing” with ads served on a variety of websites through Google display advertising, Facebook, YouTube, and elsewhere.

PPC has become essential in the competitive marketplace of search. Good PPC, coordinated with SEO warfare, will also strengthen organic search over time by creating authoritative traffic to your site. 

SEM Services & Deliverables Breakout

SEM is a broad topic, so we offer clients focused proposals depending on their existing campaigns and needs. Our services generally break out as in the nearby chart.

We calibrate reporting for clear insight into your industry and business.

Our SEM service includes a Client Portal. This reporting tool provides real-time data and insights into your campaign performance. 

Our monthly reports, delivered as PDFs and in monthly status calls with our experts, track vital metrics like Conversions (lead generation), Clicks, and Impressions (your ad getting shown to users)–on a per-campaign basis so you know what’s performing and what isn’t. 

We can also implement advanced call tracking technologies to help understand which campaigns drive calls, texts, form fills, and chats.


We offer powerful remarketing through PPC & Display advertising. 

Just because a potential lead clicked to your website, doesn’t mean they filled out a form or made a call. Very often, the most qualified leads need time to consider, and especially need to be reminded that your company is the ideal option for them. 

In the digital realm, that happens through effective remarketing.

What is remarketing? Essentially, when a user visits your website, their behavior is recorded in a “tracking pixel.” Then, as they browse other websites and apps, they will see your ads displayed everywhere they go on the web. You can tailor these ads to specific interests, and ensure that the most qualified leads see the most appropriate ads, linking back to your site to take action. Remarketing can occur across the web, including in YouTube Ads or suggested videos displayed to users who have interacted with your videos or channel while browsing on the site.

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