At Screenfire, it’s all about independents.

Led by seasoned industry veterans, our Hospitality Group was created with the specific goal of enhancing the success of independent hotel/resort properties. Our team has the hands-on experience and the specialty tools necessary to help you:

    • Refine and better communicate your exceptional product offering
    • Cost-effectively acquire more guests
    • Increase direct bookings & reduce costly reliance on OTAs
    • Level the competitive landscape by leveraging inherent strengths
    • Identify opportunities for product enhancements and service delivery improvements

The Group is backed by Screenfire Media’s large-scale delivery teams and an unmatched network of industry leaders in experiential placemaking, hotel management, food & beverage, branded merchandise, resort technologies, digital marketing warfare, and themed entertainment.

Everything we do is affordable and scalable for properties of any size. It all builds from strategic planning, market research, and storytelling that burns with imagination.

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We develop and market your unique proposition. 

Independent lodging, tourist, and conference destinations thrive on the unique, the special, and the remarkable. Unlike the “chained” brands, you offer inherent differentiation to your guests, based on clearly-discernible, property-specific attributes, such as: history, architecture, design, location, culture, special services, and target clientele.

Increasingly, hotels, resorts, and destinations both large and small are incorporating experiential entertainment into their facilities as part of a powerful synergistic approach that can drive differentiation, occupancy, and room rates. Screenfire Hospitality Group is at the forefront of the “resortainment” movement.

Your long-term success depends on developing and leveraging your unique attributes. But you may lack the resources to do so effectively.

Our teams have a track record of success.

Our teams have helped create success for globally-recognized brands as diverse as Universal Parks & Resorts (Orlando, Beijing, and more), LEGOLAND, Yosemite Parks & Resorts, Dubai Parks & Resorts, Nassau Paradise Island Promotions Board, Sitmar Cruises, AIRCOA, Atlantis Bahamas, Baha Mar Resort, Falcon’s Beyond Global (Resorts and Entertainment Parks), the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, Microsoft, Panasonic, Dell/EMC, AT&T, and many others.

We deploy an integrated toolbox.

The Screenfire Hospitality Group offers a rapidly deployed, fully coordinated “toolbox” for independents. Large chains have whole departments dedicated to guest experience development and marketing. But as an independent, you can easily access our resources to supercharge your performance—with a smart outsourced spend.

Always, we believe that coordination is king. Nothing we do is one-off, un-integrated, or scattershot. Our job is to make sure that new initiatives, hospitality services, entertainment, brand, marketing, and merchandise all work together to create an emotional connection with guests.

Storytell your property’s “experiential brand.”

Often we begin with intensive strategic branding. What is the “feeling” guests get when they think of your property? What feeling should they be getting when they visit your website, see your ads, read your reviews, walk in your front door, access your amenities, call room service?

Great brand visioning wraps brand storytelling into the entire guest journey before, during, and between visits.

How can your property’s unique brand story be refined and reinforced, or fully recrafted in the marketplace, from actual guest experiences to influencer mentions, visuals, theming, OOH, Linear TV, OTT, organic search, and digital marketing?

We start from where you are and what you have in place—then help you take it to the next level and tell your story everywhere. Here’s more about our branding philosophy.

Get actionable consumer insights through research.

Our experts offer strategic research and analysis to reveal consumer and guest insights—goal-targeted, rapid, and actionable. We bring out the underlying story to inform the decisions that drive expansion, guest experiences, and brand differentiation—to encourage repeat visits and referrals to friends. Our insights team has supported leading hospitality brands with qualitative and quantitative methods, focus group moderation, broad-spectrum analysis, concept and feasibility research, projection modeling, and more. Clear information objectives make for good data. Good data makes for good choices! Learn more about our market research capabilities here.

Develop winning experiences.

We develop world-class resort & entertainment experiences. Our team can advise and expedite development of new experiences and audiences at resorts, conference facilities, destinations, and independent hotels. That means unique “placemaking.” It means drawing on local cultural offerings for your property’s brand identity. It means establishing not only superior guest moments but also strong differentiation.

To achieve great experiences, the Screenfire team leverages longstanding relationships with industry leaders in theme park, resort, hospitality, F&B, and entertainment development—built over decades by our industry veterans.

Advance your digital marketing to increase direct bookings.

We provide affordable, cutting-edge digital marketing & SEM with a 110+ person back-end team. Digital Marketing is a broad term that encompasses Search Engine Marketing (SEM) such as Google Hotels, Google Pay-Per-Click, Google Display ads, YouTube video ads, LinkedIn ads, Bing ads, Facebook ads, and more.

Importantly, your own ads connect prospective guests to your direct booking engine – not to OTAs!

Screenfire can likely expand and deepen your SEM approach. Our team of professionals daily support thousands of websites and millions of dollars in spend across major channels. Week by week, your Digital Marketing strategy will be adjusted, optimized, and expertly targeted for maximum ROI against competitors.

Our DM service includes creative development, thorough testing, call tracking, and much more—all with customized, live dashboards to monitor real-time KPIs in costs, conversions, clicks, and impressions. Our backend teams are Google and Microsoft Premier Partners. Learn more about our Digital Marketing expertise here.

Wage SEO warfare to increase direct bookings.

Few hospitality properties of any size fully leverage the possibilities of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and best-in-class technologies to attract direct bookings.

Online travel agencies (OTAs) often have the advantage in attracting bookings through their advanced tech and scale. To effectively compete for direct bookings, independent hotels/resorts also need best-in-class tech–effectively paired with potent search engine optimization (SEO), and the knowledge of how to use all these tools together.

Screenfire helps level the playing field.

We know it is absolutely vital to show up on the first page of Google when people search for activities and accommodations in your area–and that takes focused SEO expertise, implemented over the long haul. Indeed, good SEO is never a one-off effort. Our backend teams of 40+ highly skilled, award-winning digital warriors work daily with hundreds of websites on all-out, ongoing campaigns to analyze and implement SEO. They carefully monitor results, scrutinize competitors, create valuable backlinks, provide clear monthly reports—and importantly, Screenfire closely coordinates SEO Warfare with Digital Marketing/SEM efforts.

We can also bring in the right booking engine and related technology advisors.

Intensive efforts pay off, big time. We beat out the competition again and again, and our team has won numerous awards in the field. Learn more about SEO Warfare here.

Activate your website with the guest journey in mind.

Nothing is more important to the complete “guest journey” than the gateway provided by your website. We provide sophisticated evaluations, modern website design, development, performance monitoring, and 24/7 maintenance. Our team offers compelling, strategic, full-stack engineering in WordPress—beautiful, reliable, sophisticated, responsive, and planned with customer pathways.

We also enable your own staff to make continuous content updates as needed for unique events, special offers, and opportunities.

Our designers and engineers know that sites must be kept endlessly fresh–while remaining tightly optimized for mobile, loading quickly, and feeling friendly to guests. Sites must be affordable to build, maintain, and keep up-to-date—with the very latest in state-of-the-art booking, contact, management, and event technologies. Learn more about our web services here.

Optimize merchandise revenue.

We develop new revenue streams based on branded merchandise and related thematic offerings. A well-designed merchandise program can generate margin-rich profits. You need the right merchandise assortment backed by the right merchandising strategy and partnerships. Great merchandising is both an art and a science–curating the right products at the right price to take home a branded memory.

Screenfire works with merchandise experts who procure quality merchandise optimized for resorts and destinations. We can oversee the conceptualization, prototyping, finalization, and ongoing quality of authentically-branded and themed merchandise—engaging the guest while adding to your bottom line.

Localize for world markets.

We attract international travelers with great localization/transcreation.

Our team has extensive experience in overseeing localization and transcreation efforts by leading agencies, and we have chops in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas. In the localization process, your property’s brand must always be carefully controlled and international audiences must feel totally comfortable with your offering. Learn more about our localization oversight here.

Localize for world markets

We are honored to support independent properties.

We know it takes unending effort to ignite the special, the unique, and the unmatched.

Our mission is to help you establish a clear, distinctive, and forceful identity for your independent property in its marketplace, create competitive advantages, enable the sale of more rooms, facilitate memory-making among guests, and fulfill the promise of your property’s brand!

Please contact us to learn more.